Occupational exposure assessment in fishing vessel holds


Fisheries are dynamic, complex environments associated with high risk of occupational injury and fatality. A multitude of factors directly and indirectly mediate occupational risks in fisheries. This study addresses the area of air-related risks in enclosed spaces on board fishing vessels. In decked vessels, fishing vessel holds and sleeping and eating areas are enclosed spaces, which may pose significant threats to occupational health of harvesters. These threats can include exposure to poisonous gases cause by microbial activity, leakage of refrigerant gases, and leaking of Carbon monoxide from vessel engine, in addition to include the exposure to oxygen depletion, and biological hazards; allergens and toxins. These toxic gases, chemicals, allergens and toxins will be targeted in our study for monitoring the levels of each in different fisheries and vessels kinds along in Newfoundland. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Helleur


Anas Abdel Rahman


Thermo Fisher Scientific


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Fisheries and wildlife


Dalhousie University



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