OFDM radio receiver with Deep Learning

This project involves research in applied artificial intelligence in the field of communications. Using AI, complex building blocks in communication systems are to be simplified and designed in a highly cost-effective manner. The use of AI will allow communications systems become more cognitive in nature and give access to affordable software defined radios. This program would provide the means for the intern to innovate and execute a technology that would not have been possible otherwise. The technology developed and its direct commercialization impact will enrich the PhD research of the intern. Aarish Technologies is advancing in next generation AI processor on chip design. The advancement of an application in the field of AI based communication will help Aarish Technologies showcase its core AI processor technology. This will not only generate additional demand for its AI processors, but will also help develop a long-term strategy that will helps Aarish technologies remain in the forefront of innovation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ioannis Psaromiligkos


Pavel Sinha


Aarish Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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