Online Business Model Prediction Service

In the business, it is critical to understand and predict needs of customers in advance and in precision. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence make it possible to extract the desirable properties and predict the objective in the future. This project is interested in the implementation of this concept as a toolbox. The toolbox will consider Online Business Model Prediction Service (OBMPS) as the objective to create an environment to drive smart decisions. By making the more accurate recommendations, alert of competitor, pockets of opportunities and frequent item mining with the business-based data, the company and the clients, all will benefit from the provided insight into businesses which consequently increases the sales, as well as the profit.
To implement the Online Business Model Prediction Service, we will take advantage of the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Integration and Data mining tactics to build up the state-of-the-art system to provide the most useful result into first hand business companies as well as their clients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gosta Grahne


Ali Moallemi




Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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