Online price estimation and appointment booking services for laboratory analysis

In this project, the intern will develop a website for medical clinics. This website provides patients with an online price estimation service which automatically caculates the price for conducting a set of lab analysises precribed by a doctor. The website will intuitively guide patients through the price estimation process and intelligently help patients match non-standardized test abbreviations and codes in their requisition forms with the laboratory’s standard ontology. To achieve this objective, the intern will first develop a laboratory analysis ontology and, then, develop an intelligent user interface to give patients usuful suggestions at right time and place. The superb user experience and time-saving benefits provided by the online price estimation system will attract more patients to obtain their laboratory analysis quotations through the online service. By providing such a service to their customers, Medialpha materializes its vision of making everyone win in healthcare by providing great customer experience to the patients, clinics and other partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chun Wang


Zhijie Xie






Life sciences


Concordia University



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