Open MIDaaS – Mobile Identity as a Service

I will be working on open MIDaaS project. It stands for Mobile Identity as a Service. The project aims at making a mobile application the centre of user authentication. The app will be like a personal wallet which will store the list of attributes like verified email, address, and phone and credit card numbers. A merchant can request these attributes using push messages, QR code or other means. This will reduce the repetitive form filing and verification steps every time one goes to a new merchant site. I will also create MIDaaS library and hub. The library will enable any merchant or organization to integrate with open MIDaaS. MIDaaS hub will provide two-way communication between different and anonymous devices. I will also provide integrity solutions for the app and library, to protect the code from hackers. The partner organization will benefit from my knowledge, interest, and prior experience in mobile application development and information technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Eugene Fiume


Shobhit Puri


Secure Key Technologies


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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