Operational analysis and optimization of the delivery of HIV treatment and care in Vancouver

The continuum of HIV care is highly complex. It includes prevention, testing, patient care, treatment, and support services. This project will help Providence Health Care utilise its limited resources to provide the best treatment and care for people living with HIV in Vancouver. Care for HIV patients includes antiretroviral therapy, treatment of co-morbidities, monitoring clinical markers of disease progression (CD4 count and viral load), and support services to ensure treatment adherence and retention in care. A mathematical model of the continuum of HIV care services will be developed and this model will be used to optimize the allocation of resources across the system to maximize positive health outcomes. Through the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV AIDS, Providence Health Care is responsible for providing treatment services for HIV patients in British Columbia. This project will help Providence Health Care determine the most effective interventions for combatting the HIV epidemic.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexander Rutherford


Benny Wai


Providence Health Care


Computer science




Simon Fraser University



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