Operationalizing Medical AI: Intelligent Health Support and Devices

There is more to Artificial Intelligence than the algorithm. Intelligent systems must also consider how data is acquired, trade-offs between algorithmic approaches, and what action is taken based upon algorithmic decisions. Lunar Medical, Inc. performs research and development in the area of intelligent and operational space medicine. This internship will investigate the full range of necessary components that make up intelligent health support and devices for the objective of operationalizing medical artificial intelligence. The intern will investigate medical advisory systems, decision support algorithms, and external defibrillators. Outcomes will include verification and validation of advisory medical algorithms and a prototype intelligent defibrillator. The overall objective is to provide experience and insight to medical AI developers to improve the algorithms for systems and operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Reza Samavi


Ama Simons


Lunar Medical Inc.


Engineering - biomedical


Health care and social assistance


McMaster University



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