Optical Fiber Communications Systems

Optical fiber communications systems are used throughout the global communications network to transmit information over distances ranging from several kilometers to thousands of kilometers. This infrastructure is the backbone of the Internet that is used on a daily basis worldwide. Applications driving demand for increased capacity include (i) video streaming services, (ii) cloud based storage and services, and (iii) machine-to-machine applications. The demand for bandwidth generated by these applications is driving the expansion of this network at dramatic rates (40% per year) and therefore the need for increased optical fiber communications systems capacities across a range of distances.
A simplified representation of an optical network shown in Fig. 1 (please see separate file for figures and tables) provides context for the proposed research, and Table 1 summarizes the applications, reach, and transmission systems to be researched.
The long term objective of the Mitacs program is to generate original solutions to the problem of capacity and bandwidth exhaustion in optical fiber communications systems. The proposed research program fuses concepts of digital signal processing and optical system optimization, thereby advancing the fundamental science of optical fiber communications system design. The work will also produce innovative techniques that will impact Ericsson’s product development.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Victor Plant


Yixian Dong


Ericsson Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical



McGill University



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