Optical liquid fingerprinting for dynamic process monitoring in nanofabrication

Color-based sensing enables sensors to be utilized in more places and by more people, particularly those who do not have access to or required training for sophisticated and expensive sensing technologies. This cost-effective sensing process is based on the change in an indicator’s color in response to the stimulation that is being sensed. This project seeks a novel
application for a color-based sensing method (Optical Liquid Fingerprinting technology), previously developed by the project’s partner organization. The technology can extract information about any liquid by generating distinct colorful patterns. For the first time, the information obtained through this technology will be used for real-time monitoring of common processes in fabrication of nanoscale semiconductor devices in which liquids are involved. The outcomes of this project can open new markets for the technology and also increase the yield in common nanofabrication processes used by academic researchers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xihua Wang


Seyed Milad Mahpeykar


Validere Technologies Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices


University of Alberta



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