Optical short reach interconnect

In the era of ‘BIG DATA’ and ‘Internet of Everything’, in order to provide the meshed data network with high capacity, advanced optical short reach interconnect technology are eagerly required. Silicon photonics has attracted intensive interest as it succeeded to provide highly energy efficient and broadband width integrated photonic devices on one chip to satisfy the requirements of optical interconnect. One of the problems is that silicon always requires an off-chip light source as silicon cannot emit efficiently. In this project, we will hybrid tunable laser diodes modulator from other gain material on a silicon chip as light source. Selective area laser bandgap engineering will be used to reduce the absorption loss and improve the bandwidth tuning range. Finally, a high speed and low power cost optical transmitter will be developed and packaged. The device will be investigated in the optical short reach interconnect system in Ericsson Company to provide an innovative
solution for its future data center development.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Plant


Neng Liu


Ericsson Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Advanced manufacturing


McGill University



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