Optimal Placement of Fault Circuit Indicator to Improve the Reliability of Distribution Systems using CYME Reliability Module

Within the past decades, there has been a significant growth in the electric power systems that have resulted in a large increase in the development of transmission and distribution lines. Distribution system is the final connection between the utility provider and the customers and constitutes a major component of the power system. However, since most distribution lines are overhead and spread over a wide area, they are susceptible to unexpected events such as short circuit fault or an open circuit fault. These unexpected events which manifest themselves as interruptions in the customer side lower the reliability of quality of service, and consequently decrease the power quality. In order to quantify the reliability in large scale distribution systems, system engineers invoke reliability indices for analysis and design. To improve and enhance the capabilities of these reliability indices, utilities are installing fault indicators (FIs) on their distribution systems. The objective of this project is to design, develop, and implement a new analysis capable of determining the optimal location of the FIs that improves and enhances the utility of the reliability indices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. K. Khorasani


Zahra Gallehdari


CYME International T&D


Engineering - computer / electrical




Concordia University



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