Optimization and validation of collagen fiber manufacturing

Natural biomaterials such as cotton, wool and bamboo are common biofibres due to their accessibility and high performance characteristics in textiles. However, their strictly defined composition is severely limiting, as the materials cannot be adapted for alternative uses. Thus, producing biomaterials at an industrial scale has been an active area of research, where the goal is to create materials found in nature at a high throughput. In addressing this problem, 3D BioFibR has created a manufacturing process for various biofibres with applications in biomedical research, healthcare, aerospace engineering, and sustainability. For example, our ColiFibR is comprised of collagen, a protein responsible for the structure of our tissues, and has uses in vaccine development, drug discovery, and tissue growth. Through this project, 3D BioFibR will be able to achieve a production rate viable for commercial application, and move our technology from the lab bench into the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Frampton;Brendan Leung


Samuel Baldwin;Samir Abdolell


3D BioFibR


Engineering - biomedical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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