Optimization of algorithms for real-time digital slide viewing


Digital microscopy is an emerging field of research, especially as pathology, a clinical field that involves routine use of the microscopy, is the last standing field to go digital in medicine. Digitizing pathology reduces the cost and time of pathology analysis, improves patient care, and allows pathologists to diagnose from anywhere. The goal of the project is to optimize image processing algorithms that are involved in our unique real-time digital microscopy technology. The project encompasses three fields of computer science research: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and High Performance Computing. The intern is expected to build upon recent developments in these three emerging fields to engineer novel algorithms to optimize the process of digitizing slides under the microscope.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Matei Ripeanu


Mohammadhossein Afrasiabi


ViewsIQ Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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