Optimization of Dispersin B in Escherichia coli

Kane Biotech Inc. is a Manitoba based company that provides innovative technologies that breakdown and disperse microbial biofilms. Dispersin B is an enzyme that both inhibits and disperses bacterial biofilms. Kane Biotech Inc. has expressed this enzyme protein in E. coli, with the goal of developing Dispersin B based products. Dispersin B yield and cost effective production are critical factors affecting the market opportunities for Kane Biotech’s Dispersin B products, estimated to be $10million in the next few years. Kane Biotech and Dr. David Levin, in the Department of Biosystems Engineering at the University of Manitoba, will work together to optimize production of Dispersin B. The specific goals of the proposed research are to identify an animal product free (APF) cell culture medium that supports maximal cell mass production and Dispersin B yields, and develop a scale-up fermentation process using the best APF medium in a bioreactor system.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Levin


Pardis Karimialavijeh


Kane Biotech Inc.




Life sciences




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