Optimization of Graphical User Interface for the Digital Pathology Workstation

The workflow of pathologists will soon be revolutionized with the introduction of digital pathology allowing pathologists to view tissue samples as a digital image on a computer workstation. Such a conversion from traditional microscopy will bring many benefits to the pathologist’s workflow aiming to boost significant efficiency as well as ergonomic benefits. However, much work needs to be done to bring such a technology to the clinical setting in the hospital. One significant problem is gaining the acceptance of pathologists to adopting new technology. A core challenge to the problem is the effective design of a user interface to optimize the digital pathology workflow. The work proposed for the current research project aims to develop an intuitive user interface that will be readily accepted by pathologists. This work will be done to help augment the revolutionary digital pathology scanners at Huron Technologies, giving a competitive advantage over competitors to making the transition and gaining acceptance of such technology in the clinical setting in hospitals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Karl Zabjek


Regina Leung


Huron Technologies


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences


University of Toronto



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