Optimized Approach for Minimizing Oil and Gas Asset Remediation and Reclamation Liability Cost

This proposed research and development project is intended to create an Integrated Approach to Recovery of Mature Oil and Gas Asset Production and to achieve Strategic Lifecycle Liability Discharges in the oil & gas industries. Tansley Associates Environmental Sciences (TAES) and Athabasca University (AU) each have excellent talent pools and facilities with specific strengths in environmental analysis as well as computational technologies to apply to this project. Together, with an upcoming appointment of a postdoctoral fellow, this combined team will provide a unique perspective toward minimizing the ecological footprint and end-life liabilities caused by oil and gas production. This project will seek to discover, test and recommend best practices for the highest environmental standards in petroleum production to restore “equivalent land capacity” without leaving a legacy of environmental contamination for Albertans.

Faculty Supervisor:

Junye Wang


Mitra Mehrabani


Tansley Associates Environmental Sciences


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


Athabasca University



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