Optimizing High Performance Distributed Computing Framework in Heterogeneous Environment System at Lakehead University

Universities in Canada and around the world are adopting the DCP (Distributed Compute Protocol) as a method of obtaining free, abundant compute resources for research and innovation. In doing so, IT departments are deploying DCP workers on fleets of desktop computers in departments, libraries and administration offices on campuses. All of these computers, once connected to the distributed computer, consume network bandwidth, switching, and power resources. DCP is unique. Other utilities such as networks, cloud compute, and/or other mainframe systems have existed for years. These have been characterized, configured and deployed in ever-more optimized ways. This project seeks to understand ways in which these deployments can be improved, negative impacts mitigated, and solutions optimized for Canadian University research and innovation by running a pilot project at Lakehead University.

Faculty Supervisor:

Salimur Choudhury


Danial Akbarzadeh


Kings Distributed Systems


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Lakehead University



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