Optimizing the COVID-19 response capacity at the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) through technical and evidence-based support to CRC’s Global Health Unit

The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) has been at the forefront of providing support to the COVID-19 response in Canada. The Global Health Unit (GHU) at CRC is providing health-related technical and operational support to CRC in its efforts to combat the impact of COVID-19 in Canada. To optimize the CRC operations, the GHU is striving to provide quality evidence-based technical and operational guidance to the CRC program implementers who are working in the field to operationalize the public health measures put in place by the Government of Canada. The research will provide the scientific basis for CRC’s COVID-19 related work, contributing to COVID-19 response in Canada and globally through knowledge sharing activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amardeep Thind


Faiza Rab


Canadian Red Cross


Epidemiology / Public health and policy



Western University



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