Outcome and Resource Use of Patients with Primary Liver Cancer

Primary liver cancer (PLC) is one of the fastest growing cancer in Canada and is a heavy global burden. To efficiently allocate the health care resource to the patients with PLC, outcome and cost analysis of the patients with PLC may be a right direction. In order to obtain enough information to accurately assess the status of patients with PLC, this proposed study will take advantages of Electronic Health Record (EHR) data. EHR data is the original health care records of detailed information of patients during their hospitalization including not only the administrative information but also laboratory and radiological test results, death record, detailed cost information, detailed present and past illness, pathology diagnosis, records of use of medication etc. This work is unique and challenging because of extracting clinical data from EHR. This work is not only building foundation for analyzing large EHR and also generates robust models for predicting outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Hude Quan


Yuan Xu



Epidemiology / Public health and policy




University of Calgary


Globalink Research Award

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