Ownership of Content in an Overlay Platform

The notion of ownership is fundamental and essential in a number of settings, including the setting that is the focus of this proposal: information over the Internet. Ownership of some content, in turn, endows the owner with certain rights over the content. The intent of this proposed research project is to (a) precisely enunciate what properties we associate with the notion of ownership in the software platform for structuring content over the Internet that our partner organization, Scrawlr Inc., is developing, and (2) incorporating into their software using sound software engineering principles elements of this notion of ownership. Our research will be of value to both our partner organization, and more broadly, to Canadians, as management and generation of new ways of presenting content over the Internet has now become a norm, and we seek to give owners of information meaningful control over it.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mahesh Tripunitara


Yiqin Huang


Scrawlr Development Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical



University of Waterloo



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