Oxidative Potential and Chemical Speciation of Particulate Matter from Solid Fuel Combustion: Baseline Associations for Health and Climate Studies

First, particulate matter from air pollution caused by the burning of biomass fuels will be collected on filters at a field site in Sichuan, China. The samples will be comprised of personal exposures (from devices attached to women in the study population) as well as emissions (from devices near the source of the pollution). Next, the particulate matter samples collected on the field site will be analysed in the laboratory of the host collaborator, Dr. YuanXun Zhang, who is an expert in the specific analyses required to determine the chemical composition of the samples. Finally, a statistical analysis will be performed to determine relationships between the chemical components of air pollution and other variables such as the source fuel of the pollution. The study is expected to identify relationships between the chemical constituents of air pollution and other variables and to help identify components of air pollution that may be associated with health and environment outcomes in future studies

Faculty Supervisor:

Jill Baumgartner


Matthew Secrest



Epidemiology / Public health and policy



McGill University



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