P4 SDN testbed integration

The research will consist of exploring a new language as well as a new paradigm shift in the orchestration and analytics involved in operating a Fiber optical infrastructure equipped with IP routers and Computers. These computers will be equipped with programmable devices that will allow further instructions and detailing about the next generation of internet’s emerging services. These services require more automation and more analytics to become more adaptive if not autonomous. We will research how autonomous can these networks get by involving this new programmable language called P4. We will start by exploring point to point services and then we will move on to point to multi point services and explore the programmable autonomy of these new emerging services as well as collect meaningful statistics to properly define their beginning, their stability as well as their end so that the network can become a programmable reusable service, or device

Faculty Supervisor:

Changcheng Huang


Mathieu Sicard-Gagne


Ciena Corp.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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