Pacific salmon population dynamics in relation to salmon aquaculture


Pathogens from farmed salmon may impact adjacent wild salmon populations, but a lack of understanding of the dynamics of wild salmon populations in areas of intensive salmon aquaculture has precluded informed management decisions and fueled widespread public and scientific debate about the impact of pathogens from farmed fish. This ongoing, highly polarized debate highlights the need for a rigorous synthesis of salmon population dynamics in areas of intensive salmon aquaculture. This project links an intern from Simon Fraser University with ESSA technologies, and Watershed Watch Salmon Society to quantitatively examine the relationship between sea louse exposure from farmed salmon and the productivity of wild chum salmon populations in the Broughton archipelago of British Columbia. Insights from this collaboration should inform management of intensive salmon aquaculture in regions where wild pacific salmon co-occur. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lawrence Dill


Bredan Connors


ESSA Technologies And Watershed Watch Salmon Society




Fisheries and wildlife


Simon Fraser University



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