Parametric Design Patterns

Computer‐Aided Design (CAD) systems have matured into comprehensive environments that enable designers to efficiently represent and refine their designs. Parametric modeling, in which a design can be easily altered after it is made, is a major recent development in the building sector of the CAD industry. Bentley's Generative Components (GC) is a one such system. To use GC effectively designers build models in logical pieces and often write programs in its scripting language. In doing so, they must use skills that are more typical to computer programming than to design. This project with Bentley Systems, Incorporated, developers of engineering, design and CAD software, will use design patterns to increase the ability to designers to produce good models and code while keeping their focus on design tasks. A design pattern is a generic solution to a shared problem. A pattern provides both problem solving strategies and exemplary code implementing multiple versions of its ideas. The project will greatly expand an existing pattern collection and confirm its utility for designers through empirical studies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Woodbury


Davis Marques, Karine Kozlova,Roham Sheikholeslami, Maryam Maleki


Bentley Systems Incorporated


Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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