Passive magnetic method to inspect corrosion of reinforced concrete

Non destructive testing (NDT) methods are way to assess health condition of structures and infrastructures like bridges, underground pipelines, and buildings. Different kind of physical properties of material are basis of NDT methods. The most important of these properties are wave’s velocity, electrical conductivity, electro-magnetic, and magnetic properties. Magnetic property is especial characteristic for such kind of metals which their name is ferromagnetic material. Iron and steel are main ferromagnetic materials for making infrastructures. Reinforced concretes are main part of infrastructures which steel bars placed inside the concrete to increase its strength. When there is a fine crack, influenced water make bars corroded. Corrosion will decrease concrete strength, and also corroded bars inside the concrete are invisible. It is not possible to detect them by visual methods. Proposed research project is a NDT method based on magnetic property of metals to detect corrosion of bars inside the concrete.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Giovanni Cascante & Maurice B. Dusseault


SeyedBijan Mahbaz


Speir Hunter Ltd.


Engineering - civil


Oil and gas


University of Waterloo



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