Passive Network Synthesis Approach for Modeling Multiport Frequency Dependent Network Equivalents

In this research, a new approach to model Frequency Dependant Network Equivalent (FDNE) will be introduced and implemented in PSCAD/EMTDC. FDNEs are used to accelerate and reduce the size of unnecessary part of the network under simulation. The new approach utilizes Brune’s network synthesis and Tellegen’s extension to create a multiport network whose impedance is the same as the given FDNE. Unlike other fitting methods, the proposed method inherently guarantees the passivity of the fitted network, thus no need for further passivity enforcement. The results of this study will provide a new module in PSCAD/EMTDC. It can be used for modeling the FDNEs which conventional methods can not guarantee a passive fitting. So, ultimately will enhance this part of the PSCAD library.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aniruddha Gole


Meysam Ahmadi


Manitoba Hydro International Ltd


Engineering - computer / electrical






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