Patient decision aids in hemophilia: tools to facilitate shared decision-making

Patients who have hemophilia, a rare blood clotting disease, often have to make important decisions about different treatments for their condition. Research studies have shown that if patients and their health care providers communicate openly about treatment options and preferences and make decisions together, then the chosen treatment can lead to better patient satisfaction and treatment. With this research project, we would like to create informational tools for patients and their health care providers that will allow them to come together and make a decision about treatment of hemophilia. We would like to make and test the usefulness these tools for three important decisions that have to be made in hemophilia treatment. Information for these tools would be based on the best evidence known from current research. To complete this project we would like to work with the company, Biogen Idec. After the project is completed, Biogen Idec would have unrestricted access to the created informational tools and the information used in these tools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Alfonso Iorio & Anik Giguere


Abha Athale


Biogen Idec Canada


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Life sciences


McMaster University



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