Pattern Recognition in an Internet of Personal Health (IoPH) Platform

Providing meaningful health and wellness information is important in order to sustain an effective healthcare system in a society. In the last decade, manufacturers have launched a wide range of health monitoring devices. However, these devices provide mainly numbers, e.g. steps and heart beats, without reporting health conditions. Salu Design aims to transform a simple wearable device to a complete interactive personal health monitoring solution that deepens one’s understanding and engagement with individual health, by providing context for health data, answers to personal health questions and meaningful advice to improve conditions. The user is able to communicate with the Salu Design platform interactively. Communication data together with the accumulated back-end data will be processed and analyzed by the platform engine. The objective is to provide users not only numbers, but also the interpretations. The Salu Design Platform will start with its own simple to use and affordable wearable device. Eventually the platform will be available to other wearable devices. The long term goal is to provide health monitoring and solutions to clients internationally through smart wearables.

Faculty Supervisor:

Irene Cheng


Md Jamil-Ur Rahman


Salu Design Group


Computer science



University of Alberta



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