Pe-cursor reduction for improving signal integrity in high-speed data Communications

As data transmission rates increase, transmission quality over existing channels degrades. Advanced signal processing techniques to compensate for the mechanisms which degrade transmission quality are known. Simulations studies conducted at the data rates proposed for next generation data communication products show that pre-cursor inter-symbol interference (ISI) is becoming a significant contributor to degradation in transmission quality. In previous generation products this mechanism has been an insignificant contributor; little effort has been done to explore techniques to combat pre-cursor ISI. Companies at the fore-front of devising new techniques to combat the effects which degrade signal integrity (like pre-cursor ISI) have an advantage over others. Gennum believes the outcome of this post-doctoral work will result in techniques to compensate for pre-cursor ISI and may also result in novel ideas to mitigate other degrading contributors on signal integrity. The outcome will provide advances in the field of signal processing and could position Gennum to be the leading supplier of next generation data communication products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Anthony A. Chan Carusone


Haleh Vahedi


a division of Gennum


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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