Pelvic Floor Health and Sexual Well-Being in Women Across the Lifespan

The promotion and maintenance of women’s pelvic floor health is a growing concern as pelvic disorders affect a substantial number of women and their prevalence is expected to increase as a result of Canada’s aging population. Pelvic floor disorders go beyond their physical consequences as they can negatively impact women’s psychological, sexual, and social quality of life. Evidence strongly suggests pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) can contribute to the promotion and maintenance of pelvic floor health and to the treatment of symptoms associated to pelvic floor disorders. However, the associations between women’s pelvic floor health and sexual health across the lifespan require further attention from research and the factors that contribute to adherence of PFMT are still poorly understood. Improving evidence-based knowledge in these areas is critical in the development interventions and products aimed at maintenance and promotion of pelvic health and treatment of pelvic floor disorders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elke Reissing


Emilie Gravel, Heather VanZuylen


Standard Innovation Corporation




Medical devices


University of Ottawa



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