Performance Metrics/Leadership Development Analysis

This internship will assist in the development of a diverse generational employee survey towards leadership development and workplace goal alignment. Initial baseline measurements will be obtained from Watson Wyatt, who have worked with BC Hydro since 2002 to develop, deliver and analyze the annual employee survey and results. The main objective of the research is to understand the perspectives and gauge the level of engagement of the workforce of BC Hydro. It will provide employees with a safe opportunity to openly and candidly voice their opinions and concerns as well as providing managers with a framework to engage and enable their employees. The leadership development analysis will allow BC Hydro to measure their progress and identify areas on which action is required for improvement. The analysis also supports BC Hydro’s long-term goal of becoming a top employer for future generations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ginger Grant


Kim Jang & Carolyn Rush


BC Hydro


Interactive arts and technology


Finance, insurance and business


Simon Fraser University



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