PHASE II Mapping for Change – A Case Study of Enhancing Informational Exchange and Collaboration Through Geoweb Technology

‘Mapping for Change’ Phase II is a continuation of a case study of best practices in the use of Geoweb as a mechanism for enhancing informational exchange and collaboration between homelessness stakeholders including non-profits/charities serving the homeless. Building upon the web-based mapping application (isearchkelowna) developed/evaluated in Phase I, Phase II will extend the broad-based consultation with relevant homelessness stakeholders in order to refine isearchkelowna to align with the ‘Journey Home’ Strategy. The ‘Journey Home’ Strategy is a community-based homelessness strategy intended to coordinate, on a system-level, homeless services in Kelowna. The primary focus of the next phase of ‘Mapping for Change’ is readying isearchkelowna, both in terms of structure/function and its long-term positioning within the broader community, for hand-off to the community once Phase II is complete.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jon Corbett


Shelley Cook


Interior Savings Credit Union


Cultural studies


Information and communications technologies




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