Photonic sensors for rapid and selective detection of bacteria in water – Year two

In recent years monitoring and protection of food and water resources became a priority of governments worldwide. Bio-hazards are potential threat for these resources thus need to be addressed both in industry and in academia. Therefore, developing an accurate, fast and cost effective technique for detection of pathogenic strains called for increased demand on the areas targeted by the fiber-optic systems. In this project we will focus on detecting trace amount of hazardous bacteria in an aqueous environment by developing a novel fiber-optic biosensor system consisting of a bio-receptor overlay (e.g. bacteriophage) to bring the selectivity to the sensor. The optical properties of the signal carried by fiber-optic will be monitored to detect the bacteria and bio-receptor binding. This project can benefit in building a biosensor system as a complementary of the protection systems that are designed and provided by our partner company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wojtek Bock


Yasser Chiniforooshan


Security Protection International


Computer science


Environmental industry




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