Physical simulation of light sources for integrated photonics

The objective of this proposed project is to develop a prototype numerical simulation software that can simulate the physical processes inside semiconductor lasers and exchange information with a simplified compact model. The combination of these two models can better balance the trade-off between accuracy and simulation performance. The resulting integration will be suitable for studying issues arising from the integration of semiconductor lasers in photonic integrated circuits with 1000s of elements, which is a critical challenge for the next generation of optical communications devices. This work will be carried out as part of Lumerical’s R&D efforts focused on developing comprehensive physical simulation tools for integrated photonic systems. The developed software from this project will be integrated into Lumerical’s existing software to enable it of simulation of complete photonic integrated circuits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xun Li


Sangzhi Zhao


Lumerical Solutions Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


McMaster University



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