Phytotechnologies Monitoring Impacts and Resilience of Native Species and Northern Climates

The Phytoremediation Pilot Project is a collaborative effort between Aya Kitchens and Landscape Architect Pete North to create a buffer system that will stabilize soil contamination left by historic industrial activity at 1551 Catepillar Rd., Mississauga. The site borders the Little Etobicoke Creek, a tributary to the Etobicoke Creek and designated a Significant Natural Area, and prior to the installation of the Phytoremediation Pilot Project groundwater had been transporting contaminants from the soil to the creek. Through strategic tree planting, the Phytoremediation Project takes advantage of plant action, namely the extraction of water, to alter the flow of groundwater so that contaminants never reach the creek. The research proposed here within aims to monitor and analyze the environmental and social impacts of the Phytoremediation Project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pete North


Donald Morgan Quinn


AyA Kitchens


Architecture and design




University of Toronto



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