Plant-sourced high-performance fibres for the production of novel textiles

The multi-billion dollar fashion industry has a problem: many of the high-performance fabrics used in clothing are neither sustainably produced or environmentally friendly. However, there is a considerable market gap in sustainable textiles. Canadian corporations like Proteins Easy Corp are tackling the sustainability problem head on and actively seeking environmentally friendly solutions. This proactive approach has led them to the discovery of Textile Replacement iMolecules (TRiMs), a new class of computationally designed proteins that could rejuvenate the Canadian textile market. The use of TRiM protein in Proteins Easy Corp clothing could cement their place in the sought-after global market of durable eco-fabrics. Ultimately, this technology will create a new division of Canadian agriculture and textile manufacturing using the resources that are inherently available to the nation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maxim Berezovski


Maryam Nourimand;Rebecca Spencer;Jordan Jonquil Demone


Proteins Easy Corp


Biochemistry / Molecular biology




University of Ottawa



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