Portable diagnostic device for outpatient BNP detection – Year two

Heart Failure (HF) occurs when the heart becomes damaged or weakened. HF is an epidemic, with approximately 1 million Canadians affected. BNP is an effective diagnostic and prognostic marker for HF. There is a direct correlation between elevated concentrations of BNP in the blood and the severity of HF symptoms. The need for point-of-care monitoring of BNP levels in the outpatient setting is imperative. The main objective is to develop a portable immunoassay-based electrochemical sensor for rapid detection and monitoring of BNP levels in outpatient’s blood, for early detection of HF. The partner organization will gain intellectual properties and the rights to commercialize a home-use monitoring system for accurate detection of BNP in a drop of blood.

Faculty Supervisor:

Juewen Liu


Yael Zilberman-Simakov


LeNano Diagnostics




Medical devices




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