Portable Web-based GIS to Improve Deployment of GPR Investigation in the Field

Prior doing any type of construction that causes soil disturbance (digging, trenching, etc.), it is imperative to acknowledge which infrastructures such as water ducts, sewerage, electricity cables are buried. The GPR approach is recognized as performing to obtain the location and depth of underground objects but it shows some drawbacks. The proposal is to improve field survey and spatial data integration of GPR investigations by providing interoperate web and GIS capabilities available on portable device as smartphone or tablet. The solution is to add GPR data handling options in an existing Web-GIS platform called GVX. GVX-GPR will facilitate engineering and land surveyors to execute GPR surveys, allowing them to visualize in the field all relevant data from past documentation of that area as well as helping them to geo-annotate the location of objects. TO BE CONTD

Faculty Supervisor:

Jacynthe Pouliot


Paulo Guilherme Tabarro



Geography / Geology / Earth science


Information and communications technologies




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