Porting Virtual Machine for running on Blackberry and Android Environments

The purpose of this contract is to port SageTea’s Alpha Version of its Virtual Machine for QNX to Android. The Virtual Machine contains approximately 30,000 lines of C Code and has an existing QNX compiling environment. It is able to run Smalltalk (to a limited degree) and is used for running SageTea on Smart Phones. This job is a port of the code from QNX to Android and bring both to a level of readiness to run beta trials on both QNX and Android. We are interested to know if this project can be delivered as installable “services” that can hide the VM model completely. This would allow SageTea software to be viewed as a standard service which can be run on any mobile operating system, including QNX, Android or potentially iOS.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gabriel Wainer


Mohammad Etemad


SageTea Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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