Post-secondary education pathways of New Brunswick youth

This internship will investigate the role which demographic, familial, individual and school level factors play in students’ pursuit of educational pathways in New Brunswick. Differing educational pathways can be defined as being either typical (e.g. a high academic achieving student pursuing post-secondary education), or atypical (e.g. a high academic achieving student dropping out of high school or completing high school but not pursuing further education). Previous research has shown that academic achievement is the greatest predictor of future educational pathways. It is also important to recognize that factors, such as the support of peers, parents and teachers, and student’s aspirations for the future, play critical roles in creating educational resiliency which may lead students to pursue atypical educational pathways. The influence of these factors on French and English students choices of educational pathways in New Brunswick, will serve as the focus of our investigation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. J Douglas Willms


Keith Owre


Government of New Brunswick






University of New Brunswick



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