Power Flow control in HVDC Grid and its effect on the underlying AC power system stability.

HVdc is the preferred approach for transmission of bulk power into existing AC network from point to point and from remote generation resources because of technical advantages, including low transmission losses. Integration of HVdc grid with existing AC grid provides considerable economic benefits while throwing up challenges for effective control of both the grids at the same time. This project proposes to study through simulations and come up with suitable recommendations for the following: (a) The effect of transfer of bulk power through HVdc grid into existing AC grid and the stability of AC network arising out of fast transients related to converters, (b) Impact of bulk power from HVdc on slower dynamics of the generators located at far places. The presently-used simulation technique takes a long time, as the systems become large and complex with real plant data. In the proposed study, these complex power systems will be simulated on a platform by splitting / parallelization to get faster results. The study will thus result in better understanding of operation of HVdc grid and will aim to develop an optimized control scheme for effective control of such a system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aniruddha Gole


Rajesh Vaid




Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Manitoba



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