Pre-Oxidation of a Refractory Sulphide Gold Ore in Alkaline Media

The Eldorado Gold Corp. has developed a method of treating a hard-to-process ore from a mine in China in order to increase their recovery of gold. While this process has proven to be effective, more research is needed on the exact method in which this technique works on a very small-scale and detailed basis. The research that will be undertaken involves testing a number of different types of ore and developing a set of conditions to optimize the rate and extent of breakdown of the rocks. It is hoped that this research will lead to more efficient consumption of chemicals in the process and ultimately a reduction of the amount of chemicals, energy, and time taken to process the ore. Also, by developing a framework of understanding for which this method works, it is possible that guidelines for the operation of the process can be established for new types of ore in the future, reducing the overall need for extensive testing and streamlining new research and development of treatment options for similar types of mined material.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Dreisinger


Alan Rego


Eldorado Gold


Engineering - other


Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia



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