Predictive Models for the Manitoba Bio-Economy Atlas

The intern will develop a multi-year model of a biomass supply chain for Manitoba, which will comprise the back end for a web based Bio-Economy Atlas tool. The tool will create feasibility level assessments of the volume, consistency, variability, accessibility and logistics costs of the biofuel resource in Manitoba, including both conventional sources, such as agricultural residue, and unconventional sources, such as riparian biomass and cattails. The focus on cattails will allow for an assessment of the potential benefits of removing phosphorous, which is negatively impacting the health of the Lake Winnipeg ecosystem, through the harvesting of cattails. The intern will focus on the uncertainty inherent in the model and apply forecasting, simulation and stochastic modeling and optimization to quantify the variability associated with plans and estimates of costs and environmental impacts of the biomass harvest and supply chain.

Faculty Supervisor:

Attahiru Alfa


Kamaloddin Darchinimaragheh


International Institute for Sustainable Development


Engineering - computer / electrical


Natural resources


University of Manitoba



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