Preference analyses and development of an e-health app facilitating communication of test results for hereditary cancer syndromes

An estimated 5-10% of cancers are inherited through family members. To identify patients’ risk for developing hereditary cancers, genetic testing can be used. Communicating hereditary cancer genetic results to patients is challenging for health care practitioners. Practitioners want to ensure that patients understand and communicate their preferences for receiving information. Tools to aid patients in communicating their preferences need to be developed. The intern will work with us as we: 1) ask patients about their views on different characteristics affecting their understanding of genetic test results; 2) develop and test an e-health App alongside Molecular You that patients can use to understand test results; 3) determine patients’ preferences for receiving genetic test information; and 4) elicit feedback on the App from health care practitioners and patients. Molecular You will have the opportunity to expand their existing digital health platform to support shared decision-making in the context of communicating hereditary cancer panel test results.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dean Regier


Steve Kalloger


Molecular You Corporation


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices




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