Preparation of Sentinel Wraps for Detection of Pathogens in Food Packages

The goal of this project is to develop and integrate the required technology to create food wrapping materials that can tell any untrained consumer if the food is safe to eat, without the need to use sophisticated equipment. This will be achieved by incorporating a barcode-type biosensor on an antifouling food wrap. The biosensor is capable of detecting traces of specific pathogenic strain of bacteria Escherichia coli O157:H7. Therefore, food contamination can be screened on the shelf via a simple handheld fluorescence detector device. We anticipate that the developed intelligent food packaging material will report the presence of target pathogens without the need to open the packaging. This research is undertaken in collaboration with an industry partner, Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc. (TTCI), who will ultimately validate and commercialize the final technologies and products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tohid Didar


Amid Shakeri


Toyota Canada




Transportation and warehousing


McMaster University



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