Privacy-preserving Federated Learning Algorithms and Dashboarding to enable COVID-19 health analysis

This research project will enable Krate Distributed Information Systems Inc. (Krate) to provide two software as a service (SaaS) cloud products that will integrate with the distributed computer platform of fellow startup Distributed Compute Labs (DCL) to aid COVID-19 researchers. DCL’s distributed computer is in use by scientists and researchers across Canada (this company’s product was approved by the Government’s “Help Canada Combat Coronavirus Disease” fast-track program). The two services that are being researched as part of this project are (1) Privacy-preserving artificial intelligence (A.I.) and (2) Privacy-preserving dashboard. Research outcomes of these studies provides services to COVID-19 health researchers that enables them to collaboratively focus on their research without worrying about protecting the participant’s data privacy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alireza Manashty;Orland Hoeber


Vineel Gannu;Sirvan Parasteh;Abbas Pirmoradi Bezanjani;Elnaz Yousefi;Saroj K Basnet;Ghazal Erfani


Krate Distributed Systems Inc


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Regina



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