Probabilistic Evaluation of Distribution Networks Containing Distributed Energy Sources, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles

After introducing deregulated power markets and small scale distributed generation (DG) in power distribution systems, the probabilistic evaluation gained much attention to quantify the uncertainties due to parameters such as wind speed, solar irradiation, power market price etc. Meanwhile, due to increasing penetration of electric vehicles (EVs), the load demand due to EV charging has become very relevant information needed for power system planning studies. Thus this project aims to quantify those uncertainties associated with active elements such as DGs, EVs, and storage devices for developing the most economic expansion and operational plans for a power distribution system. For that purpose, some new stochastic models will be developed for each of the aforementioned active elements for evaluating the power system reliability. To ensure the efficiency of the proposed methods and models a sensitivity analysis will be carried out.

Faculty Supervisor:

Athula Rajapakse


Anand Maniyam Pariyarath


Manitoba Hydro


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Manitoba



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