Probabilistic Evaluation of Transient Stability of Power Systems Containing Renewable Energy Sources

By incorporation of distributed power generation to passive distribution networks, these networks will change to active networks and the studies related to active networks should be considered for them. Disconnection of these networks from the upstream power system may let them operate in islanded mode (a micro-grid). One of the studies that should be considered is the transient stability. Due to the random parameters of micro-grids and active distribution networks, the most realistic method for transient stability analysis is the stochastic one. In such an evaluation the contingencies of the networks will be considered and using the Monte Carlo method, the transient stability of the network will be assessed. By connection of DGs and renewable energy sources to Manitoba Hydro power system, transient stability studies should be performed and in order to get the realistic result stochastic based studies are necessary. Manitoba Hydro will use the project’s proposed method and developed tools for such studies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aniruddha Gole


Mayssam Amiri


Manitoba Hydro


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Manitoba



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