Process quality control in electropolishing

Passive Action (PA) has established know-how and technology to finish metal parts for a wide range of applications (e.g. storage racks for the pharmaceutical industry). They use an electropolishing to achieve this finish of metal parts. This technology has shown its economic advantages over other conventional techniques for surface smoothening and deburring (remove sharp edges).

Currently, PA is transforming their finishing technologies towards more automated processes. This will lead to increased process repeatability and control of their technologies to better serve their clients. The proposed project aims to contribute to the automation of their electropolishing process by adding sensors to measure key parameters for process control to maintain a high quality. The intern will work on sensor integration and data evaluation for process optimization. PA will assist the intern with the outlined work both by providing daily supervision and other resources (e.g. equipment) to accomplish the project objectives.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rolf Wüthrich


Deependra Singh




Aerospace studies


Advanced manufacturing




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