Processes for Ensuring Mobile Educational Game Quality

Software developers have been quick to capitalize on the growing number of children using smartphones, publishing enough educational titles to warrant their own category on the Apple App Store. However, establishing the efficacy and usability of these mobile educational games can be difficult and expensive. Heuristics are commonly used during the evaluation of user interface and game design, providing substantial benefit at limited cost. However, current game heuristics do not address the interplay between educational and entertainment outcomes. In this proposal we outline a process for generating and evaluating heuristics for mobile educational exergames. This research will provide an additional specialized framework to the growing body of game evaluation techniques and provide the sponsoring company with an early adopter advantage more efficient quality assurance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kevin G. Stanley


Farjana Eishita


College Mobile Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Saskatchewan



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